Spectrecom has a rich history rooted in the construction and operation of  studios. From humble beginnings the company now includes Spectrecom Films, Spectrecom Studios, Spectrecom Television and Spectrecom Digital. We are a creative family of passionate filmmakers comprising over sixty staff working from our Central London HQ.

Recording studios have always been an integral part of Spectrecom’s business model. It all started in Deptford with the production company operating a small studio sound stage in an old carburettor factory.                  

As the company grew it moved to Waterloo in Central London, building and operating a facility widely known across the city for its flexibility of production services in four studio sound stages. The third studio complex that Spectrecom built is its current headquarters in Kennington. Here we operate three  mutli-purpose studios specialising in commercial, broadcast and visual effects driven content with full production service capability.